Audiobook of ‘The Year of Open Doors’

-Chemikal Undergdound have released an audiobook of ‘The Year of Open Doors’, which features my short story with a long title, ‘A Snake Drinks Water and Makes Poison, A Cow Drinks Water and Makes Milk.’

“There are two stand-out contributions, those of Duncan McLean and Kevin MacNeil – both, significantly, authors with an established track record. McLean’s brand of anarchic comedy and exasperated pathos is in fine form in Here Wouldn’t Be There, a story which manages to use the word “jitteryer” as if it wasn’t newly formed.

MacNeil’s A Snake Drinks Water And Makes Poison, A Cow Drinks Water And Makes Milk is set against the 2004 tsunami, and manages to balance a striking sense of actually witnessing the events with a feeling of reflective distance. The sentences expand and contract in imitation of the sea’s retreat and apocalyptic resurgence; and MacNeil weaves in reflections about the supernatural and the divine in a purely human manner.” Stuart Kelly, Scotland on Sunday