A depressing then uplifting musical interlude

Bob Mould has written some amazing songs. This song comes from an album called ‘Black Sheets of Rain’, which is generally as depressing as its title suggests. Albeit cathartically depressing. ‘Out of Your Life’ is upbeat, in its own way. [But ‘Hanging Tree’ and ‘Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace’ from the same album make The Smiths sound like Eurodisco.]

And here’s the same musician playing in a different mood. This is the sublime ‘Sunspots’ from the excellent, more acoustic album ‘Workbook’.

Both these albums meant a lot to me when I was a student dying of metaphysical anguish/metatextual angst at the back of the lecture hall.

In my defence, everyone else at the time was listening to Vanilla Ice and New Kids on the Block.

Anyway, normal service will resume shortly. Thanks for …listening.