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June 2011

Two of a kind

2nd June 2011 – 12am Kevin MacNeil Read more »


Image of Kevin MacNeilToday we’re delighted to welcome novelist Kevin MacNeil as a guest blogger for Foyles. Kevin’s latest novel, A Method Actor’s Guide to Jekyll and Hyde, has just been published in paperback by Polygon.

Described as “brilliant, touching, funny and clever” and “from first to last, an enticing read”, the novel introduces troubled young actor Robert Lewis who wakes from a bike crash in a fog-bound Edinburgh to find that life has become dark and strange. Always the deceitful egoist, he finds himself losing control of his love life, his starring role in a new adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde, and, quite possibly, his mind. It’s a sinister and maniacal thriller that tackles duality, both individual and cultural, and is also a heartfelt tale about the search for belonging and the nature of love and desire.

Kevin has also written another novel, The Stornoway Way (2005), and a collection of poetry, Love and Zen in the Outer Hebrides (2001).


Life and literature are full of great partnerships.

I wrote A Method Actor’s Guide to Jekyll and Hyde as a stand-alone novel, but one which includes a bonus level of allusion for anyone familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Everyone knows its premise, which has become proverbial, and many have seen one of the film versions (it’s the third most filmed story of all time). But I hope that my novel will encourage readers to seek out Stevenson’s book and read it – after mine, or perhaps even in tandem with it.

Once you’ve read those, here are some of my other favourite book pairings.