Festive Best Wishes

2011 already seems a blur. Was it really the year in which Pippa Middleton shot Bin Laden? It was. The year in which Fred the Shrek broke a few banks? Assuredly, yes. The year in which disgruntled youths in shoddy sportswear campaigned, occupied, then outright rioted for better sportswear? Yes indeed.
In reality, 2011 was a very mixed year for me, incorporating a death, a wedding, a new book, a new play, many book festival appearances, an islands tour with Willie Campbell, and much more.
2012 will see the inauguration of some major new projects, the release of an album and the launch of my ambitious literature-for-charity endeavour Shiny Old Moon.
It only remains for me to wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas, whatever your spiritual persuasion, and above all a wonderful and fulfilling 2012.