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An Interview with Argentina’s Brilliant Author, Mariana Enriquez

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Continuing my mission to alleviate the lockdown with literary treats, here is a discussion with one of the foremost writers in South America –  an audio interview I did with the renowned writer Mariana Enriquez in May 2017 in La Biela, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 18th May, 2017. I have never before published it, but do so now with Mariana’s permission. I am finding a new appreciation for real-life, real-time recordings – which this interview is. Both our voices are clear, and in the background you can hear the hustle and bustle of the famous cafe (which Borges and Bioy used to frequent). Mariana speaks with great intelligence and eloquence about lots of elements of her own work and Argentina’s literature (including, eg horror and reality, the body as a trope, politics, literary tradition and the contemporary, the gothic, Borges, Ocampo, publishing in Argentina and beyond, how she started as a writer etc, etc). I really value it and I hope Mariana’s fans, general readers and scholars will, too. Here’s that link to the interview again.marianakevinlabiela

Not the greatest photograph, even taking into account two of the authors are deceased!

L-R: Jorge Luis Borges, Kevin MacNeil, Adolfo Bioy Casares and interviewee Mariana Enriquez, May 2017, La Biela, Buenos Aires.

By Kevin MacNeil

Award-winning poet, novelist, screenwriter and playwright originally from the Outer Hebrides now living in Stirling (Scotland).