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Intense Weekend

Through wind and rain (via misread maps), over hills that would challenge a road-bike never mind a fixie with a big gear, to get to a weekend retreat at a Zen monastery…I got about a month’s physical and mental exercise in one weekend. Lost myself, found myself. Now back to that massive August workload…


Culture/Arts in General

National Health Issue Resolved

I went out for a run this morning since I didn’t have time for a cycle. As I ran past a little kid and his mother, the kid asked, ‘Mummy, why is he running?’
I pointed at the ghost.
The child started running, too.
And this, my friends, is how we tackle child obesity. I have written to Andrew Lansley, the Secretary of State for Health, to inform him of my experiences.


Culture/Arts in General

Hello, you.

Hello. I’m Kevin MacNeil and I hereby promise to try and update this blog regularly. Instead of writing epic essays every day, I am going to try and write brief, but regular, posts which will include: details of readings and gigs and publications, links to new songs or pertinent websites, ideas, opinions, literary chat, bad jokes, cycling-related stuff, random insights and perhaps even the odd photograph or two.


Today I am giving you a song. This came about because I wrote some words for a tune by the amazing Australian bagpiper Mark Saul. Glasgow-based melancholy folksters (and soup connoisseurs) Brawth intercepted and stole the words and made a song of their own. Cheeky. But I like the song. The moral of the story is that crime does pay, and not just if your name is Ian Rankin.

The song is in Gaelic and it is an elegy, as so many Gaelic songs are.