Mentoring and Manuscript Assessment

20120119-174932.jpgI like to help others with their writing endeavours, not least of all because  literature has, by and large, been good to me. I have helped a great many people over the years hone their writing skills, find agents and/or publishers, gain more confidence in their creative work and deal with the practicalities of being a writer (doing public readings, interviews and so on). If you are interested in getting feedback and advice on your literary pursuits, feel free to send me a message via There will, I’m afraid, be a charge for any work I do for you as I have to pay bills too, but you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to find that it’s less than the going rate. I believe that people are sometimes overcharged by mentors who have not themselves published extensively, if at all, and who have little experience of tutoring. There, I said it! You can feel reassured that you’d be getting the benefit of advice from someone with a solid track record of writing and tutoring – and at a fair price.

What others say

‘Kevin’s mentorship through the highs and lows of getting my novel to a finished manuscript has been invaluable. He is an enthusiastic and insightful tutor, who isn’t afraid to provide critique that gets to the heart of what needs improvement. I have been very impressed by the value for money Kevin offers, going above and beyond what is offered as standard by many mentoring schemes, but most of all I have valued the commitment he has shown to helping me develop who I am as a writer. I know he believes in the quality and content of my writing and his mentorship has enabled me to hone and develop that. When you’re just starting out that confidence boost from a professional writer really motivates you to get that first draft done, so thank you Kevin!’ Rachel Keen – novel-writing mentee

‘Kevin MacNeil, a man of infectious creativity, offers practical, generous, and unusually candid advice for overcoming “the paralysis of analysis.” Kevin shares genuinely original insights, giving his students a myriad of new approaches to work from. He taught us to shear the unnecessary, helping each student reach the unique heart of their work. I know I am a better writer for having had the privilege of his tuition.’ Katie Craig – University of Edinburgh, MSc Creative Writing

‘Kevin is a patient, attentive, compassionate and generous tutor. I found his feedback extremely insightful, and his guidance gave me the confidence to take my novel to the next stage. He wants the best for those he works with.’ Andrew Maitland Southern, Arvon course student, Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Centre

5 thoughts on “Mentoring and Manuscript Assessment

  1. God bless all you do. I am trying to get hold of Willie Campbell. Can you please ask him to get in touch either by Email or by phone 07429.129.582
    Kind regards

  2. Thanks, I’ve sent your message on to Willie. If you want to delete your message here so that your mobile number isn’t publicly available feel free to do so. I passed it to Willie.

  3. Dear Kevin,

    I know you have said above that you are not taking any further work on board at the moment but I thought I would ask anyway in case you have some time. Do you? Could you look at a draft?
    I like your site.
    All best,

  4. Hello. I so much wanted to contact you when first read your beautiful article in Health magazine. But then I was too unwell with my eye and could not even have the energy to do so. Now, I see only with one, to write that, you so much have inspired me. Not only with such good looking smile, but the way you have written it, it has really touched me. You really inspired me with my own eye issues, not to give up in frustrations, or when I have sunglasses on in winters, and kids laughing and making fun of me, to keep much stronger, and snappier! (Lol) I can write a whole world on here, but I am not sure whether it is public, but, I will post this old Health magazine to somebody I want to read your article in Cyprus. Thanks so much!!!!

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